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Self-Advocacy Advisory Council

Self-advocates have the supports needed to build a statewide self-advocacy network that helps individuals have the life they want through leadership, education, and full participation in the community.

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SAAC Purpose

  1. Maintaining over 200 members statewide and providing funds and staff resources to support the Hawaii Self-Advocacy Advisory Council.

  2. Continuing to hold monthly meetings and train-the-trainer events; “All about My Empowerment”.

  3. Supporting self-advocates to join community groups and boards, promoting “Nothing About Me Without Me.”

  4. Supporting the self-advocates to be self-employed by being Feeling Safe Being Safe trainings, teaching public and private agencies, offices, schools on the importance of emergency preparedness.

  5. Collaborating with the Developmental Disabilities Network Partners to provide leadership training, education, skill building, and assistance in helping self-advocates to develop partnerships with other organizations and advocacy groups that represent a range of diverse cultures and disabilities.


Areas of Emphasis: Quality Assurance; Education and Early Intervention; Health; Employment; Transportation; Recreation; Formal and Informal Employment

SAAC Activities

  1. Outreach

  2. Training

  3. Supporting and Education Communities

  4. Interagency Collaboration and Coordination

  5. Coordination with Related Councils

  6. Committees and Programs

  7. Informing Policymakers

Meeting Schedule


Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Zoom Information:
Meeting ID: 881 0742 0077


  • February 15, 2024

  • March 21, 2024

  • April 18, 2024

  • May 16, 2024

  • June 20, 2024

  • July 18, 2024

  • August 15, 2024

  • September 19, 2024

  • October 17, 2024

  • November 21, 2024

  • December 19, 2024

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